Home-Based Support Services

Also known as Individual Support Options, this is a self-directed program model that allows individuals and families to tailor services specific to their own needs and desires. Individuals using the Home-based program are permitted to choose from an array of services and to create individual support programs.

Individuals and/or their families provide for their own housing and use home-based funds to contract with providers of service. Control of the services, providers, times of service, location, etc., are decided by the individual.

While the State provides support funds for Home-Based Services, funding is currently capped at a level that makes it difficult for individuals with severe needs to obtain 24 hour support. Access to this program is also limited due to funding constraints.

Statewide, efforts are underway to expand the Home based support model and to possibly make this the predominant funding mechanism for future programs.

Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA)

This is a program designed to address an individual's needs. A community support team facilitated by a licensed CILA provider provides support and direction to address all possible needs and at whatever level is necessary. The individual may live in any type of setting with 8 or fewer individuals who have a developmental/ intellectual disability. The individual will have a program plan with emphasis on community inclusion in all life areas. Program services can be offered on either an intermittent or 24 hour basis; hours of services are based on the person's needs. All CILA programs are licensed and funded by Illinois Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Disabilities (DHSDD)

DSC has eight CILAs in Champaign County. There are five homes in Champaign, two in Urbana, and one in Rantoul. These homes range in size from three to eight individuals. Click the link below to learn more about DSC’s Residential Services.