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2017 Tree of Hope Campaign

The Sprau Family

The 2017 Tree of Hope Spokesfamily is another wonderful, local family who has chosen to share their family story with us to give us each a better understanding of what it means to raise two children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through their four year journey, you will get to meet parents, Jill and Jared, and their children Alex and Lexi! Their story is inspiring. Read below for the start of their family story! 

"As a newly married couple, we were very excited when we learned we were expecting our first child in February 2013; Alex was born on January 31st. We were so happy to be first-time parents, and our parents were simply thrilled to have a grandson. In his first year of life, Alex met all his developmental milestones and we were enjoying our new lives. As Alex got closer to his first birthday, we noticed his language skills were delayed; he simply was not using words."

DSC Community Newsletter

Click below to enjoy the latest issue of the DSC Community News newsletter! 

"Meet Me on Mondays"

Meet Me on Mondays is our feature that highlights current staff members, individuals who chose our services and/or DSC Board Members.  DSC is full of truly incredible people and we want to share this information with you, the public!

Laura accepting the 2017 Personal Achievement Award

Every November, we recognize just some of the wonderful people and groups connected to DSC. Today, we are meeting our 2017 Personal Achievement Award Winner!  We are excited to present this year’s award to Ms. Laura Lindemann!

Laura has been working with DSC since March 2004. She has been working at the Business Operations and Employment Services building on Clark Road and was also very active with the Prompting Theater for many years. Laura is kind and respectful and although she may appear quiet to some, her confidence is amazing!

Laura takes her job responsibilities very seriously and it is evidenced by how well she performs. For all of us in the working world, we are truly blessed when we enjoy the work we do, and Laura has enjoyed those same blessings. And, we also know that sometimes when we enjoy what we do, we don’t always look to make a change because, well, we are happy and doing a good job! But…what if we could do more and enjoy it even more?

DSC staff knew Laura could be successful working in the community and they often shared this with her. But…she was happy and really wasn’t interested in trying anything new. So…every so often, staff re-approached the idea with her leading up to an opportunity at Scotty’s Brewhouse to fill a hostess position.

Laura decided to give it a try and on January 25th this year she was hired. Now…we want you all to know…if you haven’t been to Scotty’s when Laura is working to have her seat you, you will want to find out her schedule so you can enjoy her kindness, efficiency, and smile. And, at the same time, Laura continues taking her job responsibilities seriously demonstrates a strong work ethic.

And we are clearly not the only ones who see her success and the perfect match this position holds for her skills. Laura’s supervisors and co-workers see this too, as she received Employee of the Month in July, only six months after starting her new job. What is even better is the fact that some of the regulars at Scotty’s request Laura to seat them…waiting for her instead of being seated by another Scotty’s staff member.

One might think that because she has a job in the community that she would quit working her DSC job…Nope! Not Laura. She enjoys what she does so Laura now works two jobs – maintaining her original job at DSC and her newer job at Scotty’s!

But…there is even more! Laura is active in her community as a member of the Junior Woman’s Club. She donates her time with the Club recently helping at DSC during the set up for C-U Oktoberfest and also is co-chair for the support they offer the Tree of Hope Kick-Off and Recognition Event! 

One skill Laura is learning is how to balance all her responsibilities with work, her social commitments, and her family. Laura is passionate about all three, so she is mastering the difficulty of juggling a lot of goodness!

Laura, congratulations on being the 2017 Personal Achievement Award winner! 

Thank you Flooring Surfaces!

Our friends at Flooring Surfaces chose DSC as their Salute to making our community better for all of us! Thank you, Flooring Surfaces and WCIA! We appreciate you and your support! 

Leaders Employing All People

LEAP Certification

DSC and Community Choices are collaborating through the creation of LEAP (Leaders Employing All People) to advance the Employment First initiative.

Rockwell Automation was one of our first LEAP trained businesses, and when asked why they decided to become LEAP trained, Ms.Marty Miner, Senior Human Resource Representative, shared, “It’s just the right thing to do.” In working to make Champaign County an even more disability inclusive community, we are offering businesses to receive this training through the hiring, or interest in hiring, people with disabilities. For more information about LEAP contact Stephanie Davenport Employment First/LEAP Coordinator at 356-9176 or sdavenport@dsc-illinois.org.

Congratulations to the Most Recent LEAP Certified Business

Congratulations to Old Navy and the City of Urbana for recently becoming LEAP trained. LEAP stands for Leaders in Employing All People and is a free, 1-hr training offered to employers to educate them on best practices for employing a person with a disability in their business. DSC offers a variety of educational resources and tools to employers. If you’d like more information, contact DSC Employment First/LEAP Coordinator, Stephanie Davenport at sdavenport@dsc-illinois.org or 217-356-9176.

Old Navy

City of Urbana

Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs Launches Multi-State Investment Program for Children and Adults with a Disability or Blindness

Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership that brings together 14 states to encourage individuals to invest money on behalf of people with a disability or blindness without jeopardizing their federal disability benefits through the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) act.

Illinois leads the National ABLE Alliance, the country’s largest multi-state agreement for these special investment tools.  ABLE investment and banking accounts can grow tax free, and can be used to pay for qualifying, disability-related expenses. The introduction of this program culminates nearly two years of negotiations.

Champaign County Survey

The Champaign County Mental Health Board (CCMHB) and the Champaign County Developmental Disabilities Board (CCDDB) are conducting a community needs assessment. To better understand how the services and supports available in Champaign County are used, what is going well, and what should be improved, we invite you to complete a survey about your experiences.

If you are...

a person with a mental health condition, substance use disorder, or intellectual disability, 

a family member, guardian, caregiver, loved one, or friend of such a person,

a provider of these services or supports, or

a stakeholder or other interested party,

...then we want to know about your experience with the local systems of services and supports. 

The surveys have been customized to each of the above roles. All responses are anonymous. No names or addresses will be required to see or complete a survey. Surveys can be found at http://konoso.maxapex.com/apex/f?p=107:1:::::: from October 21, 2017 to January 31, 2018. For a paper copy or other assistance, contact the CCMHB/CCDDB office at 217-367-5703 or email survey@ccmhb.org.

Your opinion matters! 

Thank you! 

Do You Have (clean, dry) Cardboard, Papers and Magazines Cluttering Up Your House? 

Well we have just the thing for you!  DSC Business Operations center recycles all kinds of cardboard and paper - including magazines, catalogs, office paper, etc. - as part of our effort to keep the environment clean and financially support DSC's programs.  (We do not accept books at this time). 

You can bring your recyclable paper to DSC’s Business Operations at 3102 W Clark Rd in Champaign, 8am—4pm, M-F.  From Duncan, turn west onto Clark Rd (just north of Springfield).  Turn right to go behind DSC’s Business Operations facility to drop off your items at the back loading dock door.  

Send a compliment to DSC Staff!

Our staff strives to provide quality supports and services to consumers, their families, and fellow employees each and every day and they deserved to be recognized for their exemplary work!

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